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Healthy organs should be transplanted as soon as possible to the recipient. However, the organs that have been retrieved from a brain-dead person are stored in a chemical solution and have limited life spans, ranging from a few to many hours.

Typical storage times for

  • Heart: 4-6 hours
  • Liver: 12-24 hours
  • Kidney: 48-72 hours
  • Heart-Lung: 4-6 hours
  • Lung: 4-6 hours

Storage times vary because of the relative speed at which deterioration begins in the organs’ tissues.

Did you know that an  can donate upto 25 different organs and tissues on an average for transplantation? And a single donor can save upto nine lives! Despite this optimistic fact, nearly half a million people die annually in India due to unavailability of organs. In other words, one patient dies every minute because of not receiving an organ. The reasons range from lack of awareness about organ donation and so lack of enough people willing to donate to lack of infrastructure needed to facilitate donation and transplants in India. So the first step is awareness and increasing rate of organ donation in India. Here is all you need to know about how organ donation works from the donation to the transplant stage. Each of us, on passing, can save up to 7 lives by way of organ donation. Each of us can enhance over 50 lives by way of tissue donation. Even in death, we bring life. We have More to Give

Post declaration of Brain Death

Once the death certificate is issued, the treating doctors inform the family about the functioning organs that can be donated. If the patient is already a registered donor the process of convincing the family becomes easier as the donor card advocates the patient’s will to donate organs. However in both the scenarios, whether the patient is a registered donor or not, since the decision lies with the family – only after they give their consent to donate the organs, the protocol of organ transplantation is initiated. After the family gives its consent a hunt begins for a potential .


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