Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Jagha ganga parshadi


There is a traditio n of a feast on the 13th day after a death in a home. It is called ‘Terahvi’. Religious
people anyway spend the days after a death in their home with lots of rituals and daily a priest
comes by to have them to one or the other ceremony. This day however is the most important one

because it will end their state of im purity. There are rituals to do, again according to the instructions
of a priest, and the main and most important thing to do on that day is to organize a feast.
At first you feed 13 Brahmans, give them clothes, give them money, pots and other household items.
They are the most important guests and they get a whole lot of gifts along with the food. That’s not it
however! Apart from that you then need to feed as many people as possible. People feed 50, 100,
500 or 1000 people, according to their social stand and financial position.

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